April 25, 2014
Amanda Setton set for big Hollywood future despite The Crazy Ones being cancelled

There were quite a few surprised people when it was announced that the television series The Crazy Ones was being cancelled, as many people were impressed by the show and really expected it to get renewed for a second season. Unfortunately this did not happen and the cast of The Crazy Ones are now going to have to focus on other projects in their career.

One of the stars of The Crazy Ones would have to be actress Amanda Setton, who played the role of Lauren Slotsky in the show and put in some impressive comedic performances over the course of the season. With that said, one of the most standout scenes from The Crazy Ones would have to be the Amanda Setton and Sarah Michelle Gellar kissing but that was in an outtake which was removed from the show.

While The Crazy Ones has now been cancelled, that is certainly not the case for the career of Amanda Setton, as she has shown that she has the acting ability and potential to become a big star in Hollywood. Amanda already has a few movie projects due out over the course of the coming year or so and we expect that she will sign up to plenty more in the near future.

Amanda Setton will appear in the movies That Thing with the Cat, and Black Dog, Red Dog, both of which are currently in post production and are expected to open sometime in 2014, although a 2015 release could be possible. Meanwhile, Amanda is linked to a role in the film A Wake-up Call, which is still in the scripting stages and is expected to go into production later in the year.

With her good looks and her acting talent we expect to see plenty more of Amanda Setton in the coming years and hope that she starts to land the big roles that her hard work and dedication deserve.


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