May 21, 2013
Amanda Abbington discusses her Sherlock role

It seems that being married to the star of a hit television series certainly has its perks, as actress Amanda Abbington has found out. Amanda is married to Sherlock star Martin Freeman and it just so happens that she has landed a role in the show for its upcoming third season.
Amanda has spoken about appearing in Sherlock, admitting that she felt she had to up her game, due to the amount of talent already on the show, "Working with Martin on Sherlock is really quite inspiring, 'cause he's so good at his job," she told the Radio Times, adding, "He and Ben[edict Cumberbatch] have this fantastic chemistry. Coming into Sherlock, you have to up your game, 'cause they're so good together."
Abbington also spoke about winding up the Sherlock fans, by suggesting that she could marry Molly in Sherlock, "Well, was I marrying Molly [Louise Brealey] maybe? I put that [idea] on Twitter and they all went mad, all the little Sherlock nuts. Not mad - they're very sweet girls. But there is a fandom."
Sherlock season three will see the return of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as his sidekick Watson. Sherlock season three is shooting in London and Wales and will premiere on the BBC later in the year.


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