October 26, 2014
Alyssa Milano earns praise from fans for support of Renee Zellweger

Alyssa Milano showed once again why she is loved by not only men but women when she sent out a Tweet in defense of all women, in particular fellow actress Renee Zwelleger who was being criticized and disparaged for her change in appearance. She 'called out' the media and society as a whole for being "judgy people" of women. 

Fans and social media entertainment observers took notice of the fact that one of the most attractive women in Hollywood, Alyssa Milano was coming to the defense of her acting colleague and it earned her praise and respect from many people on social media. It would have been easy for her to sit back and say nothing but her willingness to speak out on the subject has made sure that fans look at her as more than just a talented actress whose gorgeous looks ensure that her shows always have a large amount of men willing to make time to watch her on television. 

The beautiful actress is unfortunately not going to be on television in the Fall of 2014 as she recently announced that she is leaving her hit show "Mistresses" in large part because the show will be filming the upcoming season in Vancouver, Canada and as a mother of two children under four years old and a wife to CAA agent David Bulgari she cannot envision herself being away from her family or uprooting them from Los Angeles. She shared the news on her website and noted how she had waited all her life to be a mother and for her, being a mother and wife comes before work. 

A defender of women and a believer in family coming first before work. It is no surprise that with these values and character traits that Alyssa Milano is one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood and will likely remain so for a very long time.


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