October 16, 2017
Alessandra Ambrosio gives her top hair care tricks and tips

Brazilian beauty Alessandra Ambrosio has become one of the biggest, best and most successful models in the business, so it is always good to hear some tips and tricks from someone so beautiful and successful. Alessandra has been talking about her hair care tips, revealing something special her mother used to do for her.

Ambrosio explained, "Growing up in Brazil, we didn't have all these amazing products back then. My mom would get avocados and natural oils and mix it together and put it in my hair. I loved doing it because it was mother, daughter time and I felt like I was in a salon."
As well as talking about her interesting and inspired techniques that she learnt from her mother back in Brazil, Alessandra Ambrosio also went on to talk about how her hair has changed since she became one of the biggest models in the business. Alessandra says that, since she has to have her hair done so many times, it has taken its toll and almost ruined her hair for her.
Ambrosio added, "After years of blowdrying, teasing and doing all kinds of things to my hair, all I want is for it to be healthy. My friends at home have healthy hair because they don't put theirs through the stress that mine goes through. I need to have the best product to bring it back to life."
She continued, "Sometimes I have to shampoo twice in one day because of work. I know it's not good for your hair and people say it's better to shampoo every other day, but in my case since I work every day and they use so much hairspray and product on my hair, I have to wash it everyday."
So there you have it, while there are so many pros that come with being one of the biggest and best models in the world, there are also those little cons which really do make a difference. So, next time you are having hair issues, just remember that it happens to the best of us.


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