June 18, 2014
Adriane Galisteu rejects "Irrelevant" marriage claims of ex-husband

Brazilian entertainment personality Adriane Galisteu in a recent interview with "Domingo Legal" addressed the comments of her ex-husband Roberto Justus who claimed that their marriage was 'irrelevant' to his career and she also talked about the rumours that she is anorexic. 

The beautiful and feisty television host noted how prior to their marriage no one knew who he was while she was already an established celebrity. She claims that he became the cover of "Faces" only because he was associated with her and thus for him to make the claim that the marriage was irrelevant is far from accurate

Entertainment insiders were not surprised at the response from the attractive entertainer as she has been a popular celebrity for over 20 years and she is not one who would accept such comments without providing a response. 

She also discussed the rumours that she is anorexic and revealed that she has always been a thin woman who does not weigh herself because she believes that such behavior can make a person neurotic.  

Despite having to fight with the allegations of her ex-husband in the media her career is still thriving as she was recently awarded the hosting duties of the new Channel Discovery reality show, "Sleeping With My Stylist" which will revolve around helping competitors with fashion tips for different occasions. 

Not only is she still popular on television but she is also a celebrity whose fashion style people love to follow as illustrated by the popularity of her recent picture that she took of herself going to the World Cup football game between Brazil and Mexico in which she wore a yellow Brazilian national team jersey with the words "Mother of Vittorio" written on the back along with yellow Ray Ban sunglasses. This one picture attracted over 10,000 'like' responses on her Instagram page and showed the exceptional influence she has as a celebrity. 

Adriane Galisteu, an entertainment personality whose actions and influence seem to be the opposite of irrelevant to her fans, entertainment insiders and televsion executives.


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